Dol Said

The first Malay who really fought to be free from British rule and to be left alone to administer his own little territory was Penghulu Dol Said of Naning. Dol Said or in full Dato’ Abdul Said bin Omar was the ninth ruler of Naning who defiantly opposed the imposition of tax on the district by the British.

Dol Said’s defiance led the British to send soldiers to capture Naning. Never was such a force ever assembled by the British to bring just one recalcitrant ‘ Penghulu ‘ (Chief) to heel. The British requested reinforcement from Yamtuan Muda Raja Ali in Rembau to send 600 troops to assist British on the attack of Naning. Later in March 1832, British sent a larger force to defeat Dol Said’s force.Thousands of men from Singapore, India, Rembau and  various parts of the country were assembled with all kinds of equipment and armoury to arrest Dol Said. Hundreds of bullock carts were used to transport equipment. The presence of a huge British expedition forced Dol Said to retreat to Sri Menanti before surrendering himself, effectively ending the war. British then combined Malacca and Naning.

Though not much is heard about him or mentioned in history books, his valiantly resisted British forces on Naning, deploying his troop with outstanding display of military ingenuity that outsmarted the invading British forces on Naning war campaign, waged in 1831-1832, made Dol Said a hero of exceptional valor that earned him a permanent place in the history of Malacca.


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