Keris Taming Sari

Legend had it that the mystical keris Taming Sari could fly and seek out the enemy, just like modern missiles. Not only that but it would even rattle in its sheath to warn its owner of potential danger. In the 15th. Century, when Sultan Mansur Shah wanted to ask for the hand in marriage of Majapahit princess Raden Galoh Chandra Kirana, he traveled to Java with his royal bodyguard, Hang Tuah. Unfortunately, Hang Tuah, instead of the Sultan, became the center of attention there.This was the opportunity that Pateh Gajah Mada had been waiting for to oust Hang Tuah permanently from the Sultan’s favourite list.

The envious palace official engaged a Javanese warrior, Taming Sari, to kill Hang Tuah but the tables turned and Hang Tuah won the fight as well as Taming Sari’s keris (also named Taming Sari). Thus began the legendary saga of Malaysia’s most celebrated dagger. Taming Sari, classified as keris kuasa or bawar, is made of an alloy of 20 metal composites, some said to come from bolts holding Mecca’s Holy Kaabah gates.

keris kuasa is said to poses supernatural powers and has to be ‘ cleansed ‘ in the melimau ceremony periodically to retain its potency.


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